Hi Anivar

First of all thanks a lot to ICFOSS and SMC for taking the initiative for review workshop of fuel-mobile module!

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All the inputs will be archived at our side as a part of this process. No
need to worry about loosing them
You can pull them from this git repository when they are available online .

Hi Anivar,

You said "We have completed 4 versions of FUEL Mobile translations..."
and now when I visit the above URL all I could find is one single PO
file translated by Anish from Zanata. Are other 4 files stored somewhere else?

As I said before those are not available online at this point.
You can pull them from this git repository when they are available online .


and SMC review of translations is yet to be completed prior to the program
As in any free software project reviewed translations will be usually
committed upstream with all contributor details. Leave rest to the local

Yes, absolutely.

As of  now Fuelproject does not have any role in organising the event apart
from the point that we are using the context words developed by Fuelproject
. Short version is Fuelproject is added as an organiser as a part of the
efforts to build more visibility and recognition for Fuelproject

Is that what qualifies an organization or an entity (or a project) to be
listed as an Organizer of the event? I am sorry but I may seek for an
expert advice here since I have a very limited knowledge with organizing

Let me clarify it plain simple words.
There is no FUEL community exists for Malayalam. There was some efforts in past but that was not sustained
SMC is coordinating all the L10n works including FUEL for malayalam
If you want to grow the community around fuel  , you must start at some point
As a FOSS community projects FUEL needs more visibility among various language communities and stakeholders .
Since there is no fuel community you can be an organizer only in terms of physical presence or sharing expenses
And both are not possible for your team at this time.
But Adding fuelproject  as an organizer (after communicating to some key contributors) is a way to increase increase the project visibility and we are very happy to grant that (after seeking permissions from your core team members)

I communicated a bit late to Ankit about my telephonic conversation with you. Who should be organizer or not a organizer is a small issue, more important things are event, completion of review etc. 

Physical presence or sharing expenses - just more than a week before we got to know about the event and you can understand that in that short period it is difficult for any open source project. If communicated at least by informing us about probable event dates at least 3-4 weeks before, it would be much easier for us to be an active part of the event. 

I don't think FUEL ever planned to grow community around each language. Rather we try to work with the existing language community working generally in open source field along with like minded different organizations. Growing community for each language under FUEL is not a solution at all. So in this case at present for Malyalam SMC is the community and ICFOSS is the organization who is helping us. Likewise, as you announced in the FUEL GILt conference 2013, if ICFOSS decides to do for it Hindi, I would like to get help from existing Hindi community working in the field of foss localization.


Since there is a question raised i will clarify the steps involved

1. We communicated the interest in working with Fuelproject nand using
fuel-mobile in mid 2013 as a part of DIT-ICFOSS R&D project in
collaboration with swathanthra malayalam computing and same was announced
in FUEL-GLIT Conference 2013

2. From Last January I was in communication with Aniipeter from FUEL
project , who is coordinating malayalam. We initially planned this workshop
in February 1st week , then got shifted to march and we informed this
informally on February last week and by mail on March 1st. Hope any can
share more on this

3. We requested for physical presence of Ani and whoever possible from FUEL
core team and also requested partial support of travel expenses for
participants. But since that was a late notice it was rejected and
communicated over phone. And we really insisted on participation of ani
peter  and asked her to try her best

4. Prior to sending the announcement mail and participant invites , I
called Rakesh Ranjan from Fuel team and ensured his permission

s/Rakesh/Rajesh :-)

Hope this clarifies.

Yes, it clarifies that the event is planned well in advance.

~ regards

Thank you for all your efforts arranging FUEL Mobile Malayalam community
workshop. This is indeed in the good faith of the FUEL Project.
Unfortunately none of the FUEL Project members would be able to make it,
however we can try to support virtually via an irc chat for any crucial
conversation during the review meet if you need so.

Wish you all the best and once again thanks for all the efforts.


As Ankit wrote, if you need any help during review meetup we can be available via mail/irc etc. Wishing you all the best for the event. 

Rajesh Ranjan

twitter: @kajha
facebook: rajeshkajha