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Y2011Q4 # / issue 4 31 December 2011

More than three years on! 12 languages  are with FUEL. Till now, FUEL had already organised 8 languages workshops for evaluating terminology. Released the beta of 'Computer Translation Style and Convention Guide for Hindi.' A lot more to do.

Initiated by Red Hat, the project got supports and contributions from several languages communities and various organizations like CDAC GIST, Indlinux, Sarai, CDAC Chennai, Acharya Nagarjuna University, A. N. Sinha Institute of Socail Studies, Maithili Academy, Gujarati Lexicon, Infineon Infotech, NRCFOSS, SICSR, Gnunify, Sahit Academy, PLUG, SMC, to name a few.

We need volunteers to work on different fields of FUEL project. If you want to contribute please contact us.

This Quarter was great for FUEL project. We launched the FUEL webiste in  the FUDCon 2011 in Pune. The website is in Ruby on Rails and it is created by Ankit Patel. However our FUEL community website will be the same hosted on fedorahosted.org.

fudcon pune
The website was launched by Satish Mohan, Director of Engineering at Red Hat, Pune.

TukaramTukaram Says*
শব্দয় মোৰ একমাত্ৰ ৰত্ন, শব্দয় মোৰ কাপোৰ, শব্দয় মোক জীৱিত ৰখা একমাত্ৰ খাদ্য, শব্দয় মই বিলাই দিয়া একমাত্ৰ ধন
--  সন্ত তুকাৰাম*

ords are the only jewels I possess,
Words are the only clothes I wear,
Words are the only food that sustains my life,
Words are the only wealth I distribute among people. *   
        *Translated by Dilip Chitre

fuel logoWe got some suggestions to change the logo and so we worked hard on the logo. We worked on FUEL logo and Felix has tarnsformed several ideas in colour. The community then voted and the best one is selected as FUEL logo.

bookmark fuelThe central idea behined the FUEL logo is taken from a mythical story of creation of earth (Yoruba Tribe, Nigeria). In that story chameleon with big rolling eyes is given work of inspection of earth creation by the God. So eye of chamleon is here.

By using the logo we have created one bookmark. We distributed the bookmark in FUDCon 11, Mozasia, and other events.


termsTerminology results in JSON format

We have FUEL terminologies available in HTML format to be viewable from our web page.

However, in order to make it reachable to the wider audience, consumed by third party websites or projects, we decided to provide this terminology data in JSON format which is most widely used nowadays.

Anyone can access this json formatted data from the same URL by just adding .json at the end.
Complete list of Hindi FUEL entries are accessible from here.

If you want to grab the same result in json format, you need to access here.


FUEL Assamese Meet
The workshop for FUEL Assamese is going to be conducted in Jan 2012 by Assamese Community. Please visit the language page for more info.

FUEL Computer Style and Convention Guide for Gujarati and Odia

The work for
FUEL Computer Style and Convention Guide for Gujarati and Odia is started by Gujarati and Odia Community respectively. Sweta Kothari and Manoj Giri have shown intentions to complete it in a couple of months.

More Meets: Odia and Kannada

FUEL Meet is expected for Odia and Kannada as well. Soon the date will be annouced.

FUEL Terminology

FUEL Gujarati ods pdf po

FUEL Hindi ods pdf po

FUEL Maithili ods pdf po

FUEL Malayalam ods pdfpo

FUEL Marathi ods pdf po

FUEL Punjabi ods pdf po

FUEL Tamil ods pdf po

FUEL Telugu ods pdf po

FUEL Style and Convention Guide

Computer Translation style and convention guide for Hindi (Beta) odt, pdf

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