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On 03/07/2014 12:59 PM, Anivar Aravind wrote:
Dear All,

Hi Anivar,

Thank you very much for the initiative. This is indeed going to be very
helpful for the FUEL Mobile module, as we had only one language (that is
Marathi) evaluated for FUEL Mobile. Btw, do you guys have any public
page where the details of this workshop is being provided? All I know
about is, http://programs.icfoss.org/wfm/about.html

Since this is an invitation only workshop, There is no public page yet for the program.
the page you have linked is a separate program, and we are conducting both of them together on same dates .

FUEL Mobile malayalam community review workshop is planned on March
12th at Technopark Trivandrum.

FUEL Project follows Select -> Translate -> Evaluate model to review and
finalize the terminologies.

To 'review', 'translation' needs to be completed.

Yes, I am aware that translations are getting submitted on Zanata:
(~ 87% completed)

We have competed 4 versions of FUEL Mobile translations by various set of people (and many of them are not PO files). we will evaluate them in the workshop and submit to upstream . What is available upstream now is by anish , using Zanata.

The program is organised by ICFOSS, Swathanthra Malayalam Computing
and Fuelproject


If any one from FUEL community wants to participate in this program
please drop a mail to contact@smc.org.in <mailto:contact@smc.org.in>
or anivar@icfoss.in <mailto:anivar@icfoss.in>

Both of the above statements contradict!

Please explain . I cant understand your point

Since we have a cap on numbers, and since the venue is inside a ITpark with security checks .
there is a need for an invitation , and names at our end to ensure there participation.