2011/2/1 Ani Peter <peter.ani@gmail.com>

I am glad to inform that Swathanthra Malayalam Computing (SMC), the active Malayalam community in open source would like to conduct FUEL for Malayalam. We have arranged an event called  "Malayalam Translation Quality" - FUEL for Malayalam" on 06th Feb 14:40hrs at NITC along with the Fossmeet. Lecturers and students from various colleges and universities in Kerala are invited for the same. All support and assistance for this event is provided by Zyxware Technologies, Thiruvananthapuram.

SMC takes care of different Malayalam Localization projects like Fedora, Debian, Firefox, KDE, Gnome, WWW-ML etc. SMC is a strong Malayalam community driven by Malayalam speaking malayalees from all walks of life around the world, working on different softwares and applications in Malayalam for Malayalam and other Indian languages. More details about SMC projects at: http://wiki.smc.org.in/.

I have also attached the pre-evaluated Malayalam Fuel translation file. Appreciate if you could commit it to the svn. The event organised at NITC is an introductory session for FUEL. The audience will be introduced to the existing Malayalam desktop, different applications in Malayalam etc, make them understand the need of FUEL and then again with this same audience the FUEL completion will be done later in the next session. The Malayalam Fuel po file will be finalized during this second session which we plan to conduct by February end.

Thanking you
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Ani Peter
Malayalam Localization.
Swathantra Malayalam Computing

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It is really great to see that a vibrant community like Malayalam is going to organize a meet for FUEL.

Thanks a lot to all SMC people!

Soon we will upload the po file at fuel svn along with ods and pdf format!

Rajesh Ranjan