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Some info about the "Best Practices for Localization of e-Gov Applications" draft:
As per http://egovstandards.gov.in/policy/policy-on-open-standards-for-e-governance/feedback_page?feedbackid=155

This document discusses various Localization standards along with the basic needs required to localize a piece of text i.e. input, storage and display.

Who should use this document?
This document provides guidance for developers of e-governance applications that enable support for national deployment. Enabling national deployment is the responsibility of all content authors and is relevant from the very start of development. Ignoring the advice in this document, or relegating it to a later phase in the development process, will only add unnecessary costs and resource issues at a later date.

Closing Date:16-02-2013

Highlights pertaining to FUEL:

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2.1 Frequently Used Entries for Localization (FUEL)

FUEL is an open source initiative to standardize terms for open source software
programs. It aims at resolving the problem of term inconsistency and lack of
standardization in Computer software translation, across various platforms. It also
works to provide a standard and consistent terminology for a language.

Following Indian language support has been added in this initiative.

Languages with FUEL:

Assamese (as)
Bengali (India) (bn_IN)
Bhojpuri (bho)
Chhattisgarhi (hne)
Gujarati (gu)
Hindi (hi)
Kazakh (kaz)
Magahi (mag)
Maithili (mai)
Malayalam (ml)
Marathi (mr)
Punjabi (pa)
Oriya (or)
Tamil (ta)
Telugu (te)
Urdu (ur)
Kannada (kn)

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Draft can be downloaded from: