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We have prepared one document describing a popular testing method of Screenshot Comparison to test any application. We have prepared guidelines as well as instructions for GUI testers of language community and organizations. Particularly for open source community this method can be used to engage community in QA activity at large scale.


Please provide feedback and suggestions for the ^^ document.

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For this testing purpose Deckard (A web based glade runner) can be of some help. Manoj Giri earlier tried testing with Deckard after Dogtail got deprecated. I came to know about Deckard only after Runa gave a demo presentation about Deckard at Wikimedia language summit. Deckard will be really helpful for the above purpose as it dynamically displays the UI of the selected module in desired language. Moreover, the displayed UI can be used as a real UI which is better than a screenshot. The only shortcoming is that at one time only language can be selected i.e, there is no provision for selecting both source and target language. I wrote a mail to Deckard's developer requesting this feature change in reply to which he suggested me a simple workaround which can the serve the above purpose. An addon named split-panel needs to added to Firefox and two panel of the same page opens up in the browser window allowing us to display the UIs side by side in both English and native language. However, this instance of Deckard has only Gnome modules at present and there is no provision to add other projects to it. The developer says for other projects like LibreOffice, a separate instance of Deckard has to be created. Moreover, only the latest gnome modules are available for testing. There is no provision for selecting the older gnome versions. All these feature changes can be done and will take some time but for now I feel using the panel splitting method the testing purpose can be served.