Adding FUEL list in the CC. Fuel team might guide us in this I guess, as they own the FUEL project...

Rajesh, is co-ordinating the FUEL project. Rajesh, let's know if you have any suggestion for us (Gujarati community), on how to go ahead with the FUEL translation evaluation phase!


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Sent: Wednesday, 6 August, 2008 12:11:00 PM
Subject: Re: [Indianoss-gujarati] Contribution for new project [ FUEL]

Hi Sweta,

Welcome to the list and Gujarati Localization project!

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Kartik and Sweta for completing KDE essentials translations and getting Gujarati included in KDE upstream. Great job guys! :)

With respect to FUEL, I am really excited to see the standardization of Gujarati terms. Sweta, thanks for taking an initiative towards this project as well. I guess we might need to conduct some meeting, somewhere which is preferable to everyone to get this going. To conduct the FUEL - standardization meet, we need everyone from Gujarti Localization community. It would be great if we can involve some Gujarati linguist people too in this meet. Kartik, what would you recommend about this?

Everyone from the group is encouraged to participate in this discussion!

Let's know your inputs!


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From: Sweta Kothari <>
Sent: Tuesday, 5 August, 2008 2:53:51 PM
Subject: [Indianoss-gujarati] Contribution for new project [ FUEL]


My name is Sweta Kothari.. I have recently joined Gujarati Localization
team to help with Gujarati Translations.
I am working on KDE, Gnome, Fedora, etc...

I have one project. project name is FUEL (Frequently Used Entries for
Localization) aims at solving the Problem of Inconsistency and Lack of
standardization in Computer Software Translation across the platform for
all Languages.

If u know about it and u all are working on's good for me so i
wanted to do contribute on it. if not then, anybody want to do
contribute in this project?, then let me know so we can work together on
it. It's good opportunity.

Please visit the page:

Sweta Kothari

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