If my memory serves me correctly, I think it was ipa-server-trust-ad.  Maybe I had wrongfully assumed that it got installed as part of the replica setup process?  After all, the master already had that running.

Then again, I could have missed something in the docs or had a different interpretation at the time I read it.  Sometimes it's just good to step away from a problem and look at it later.  New ideas will come to mind that you didn't think of before.

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I'm glad to hear that ipa-healthcheck helped. What missing package did
you install which ultimately got things working?


Jeremy Tourville via FreeIPA-users wrote:
> I had two IPA servers setup - my master and the replica.  When performing the HBAC test (which includes a sudo rules test as a component of the HBAC test) the test would say access granted from the master.  I had not tried to run the same test from the replica until this weekend when I did so by accident.  The test told me access denied.  For a moment I was puzzled until I realized I was running the test from the replica.  Then I tried the same test again from the master and the test passed.  This made me realize something was wrong and needed to be investigated further.  I decided to install the ipa healthcheck tool on both servers and see what it told me.  I read the documentation and ran all available healthchecks.  Sure enough, one of the healthchecks failed.  It didn't have just one failure though, there were many failures for the same test.  I learned that even though the replica install logs showed installation success I was still missing a package that needed to be installed
>  separately.  Once I installed the correct ipa package and ran the healthcheck again all tests passed.  Now, when running the HBAC test in the GUI, both servers showed access granted.  A last test from the client still didn't work.  I cleared the sssd cache and tried again.  Now sudo worked!  It certainly underscored how important it is to have a healthy system status.  Also, the problem appeared to be one thing in my mind but turned out being totally different when actually resolved.  Keep your mind open to all possibilities.
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