any ref. full backup.of 4.5?
I only can found v3 . will it recover all cert ca  related ? I tried such recover in v3 it seem it broken the relationship of others agreement. or I missed the backup of some files.

is it possible to use very old vm image plus the regular ldif backup recovery?

2018年3月1日 上午7:02 於 "Rob Crittenden" <> 寫道:
barrykfl--- via FreeIPA-users wrote:
> Hi all:
> any one has better solution of freeipa backup ? assume all ldap db crash
> ,all ca fail, no backup of cert ...etc but need cleanly install one with
> same hostname.
> and we have /usr/sbin/ipa-backup ldif backup .
> Can I use an old image but restore back  ldif such backup?
> or any better solution for clean install with this ldif copy.

If you have a full backup of a master with a CA and have saved it
off-machine and your machine dies then you can re-install using the

Then restore the backup. Then re-initialize all other masters (this
should all be documented already).

If you have only one master with a CA and it dies and you have no
backups then you are pretty much hosed at the moment.

IPA is so much more than just an LDIF.

_Could_ you use an LDIF to restore the data minus the certs? Yeah,
probably, with a whole ton of work and expertise. Would it be worth the
trouble and would you ever fully trust that you got it 100% right?

The best solution is to maintain multiple masters and > 1 CA. If one
dies then you delete it and provision a new master. You can maintain the
old name if you want.

Or if you use VMs you can use disk snapshots to maintain backups.