I have two 4.X IPA servers running on CentOS 7. Identical VM's essentially, with the same settings in:


Replication and everything else seems to be working as expected, no problems. 

This question is more to help me understand the system.

If I have a a small number of users, say 100 or so and about 800-1000 hosts enrolled, very few actual changes going on, we use the system for just basic ssh/sso functionality.

And I monitor with SNMP.

All that said, why am I seeing dsInOps consistently at 1.0 K to 2.0 K?  Is that all the replication happening?

And if that's the case, what's being replicated if I don't have a lot of changes going on? 

That's of course hard to answer but, maybe you can point me to some other thing to look at to see what's going on under the hood with replication.

Thanks !

Jim Richard
(646) 338-8905  

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