Hello Rob, All team

If i undestand well, and for easy and simple modification i can :
Create a Group + add a user (in normal way) as member + ipa group-mod --addattr ..... (by command line) as uniqueMember
and in vCenter i get the Ldap Group + the Bind user, right ?

In my IPA configuration, i have already the ObjectClass : groupOfUniqueNames

vSphere don't want to authenticate the user.
Do you have any idea, please ?

Bien à vous

Mr Karim Bourenane

Le lun. 5 août 2019 à 16:59, Rob Crittenden <rcritten@redhat.com> a écrit :
Karim Bourenane via FreeIPA-users wrote:
> Hello All,
> Do someone know i must configure my IPA server + the VCenter VSCA to
> authenticate in LDAP ?
> I found several demo, but nothing run.

There are known issues with integrating with VCenter 6.x. IPA doesn't
provide entryUUID or uniqueMember.

A user on IRC is investigating the design at
https://www.freeipa.org/page/V4/Data_transformation to provide this.