Rob, thanks for the efforts on this! highly appreciated
I will try it out on some setups I have around and will give you some feedback.

best regards,

El mar., 5 nov. 2019 a las 12:35, Rob Crittenden via FreeIPA-users (<>) escribió:
Over the summer we announced the freeipa-healthcheck project which is
designed to look at an IdM cluster and look for common problems so you
can have some level of assurance that the system is running as it should.

It was built against the IPA 4.8.x branch and originally released only
for Fedora 29+. It is also included in the newly released RHEL 8.1.0.

My curious nature led me to see if it would also work in in the IPA
4.6.x branch. It was a bit of a challenge backing down to Python 2 but I
was able to get something working. I tested primarily on Fedora 27 but
it should also work in RHEL/CentOS 7 (I smoke tested 7.8).

I made an EPEL 7 build in COPR,

Enable the repo and do: yum install freeipa-healthcheck

Then run: ipa-healthcheck --failures-only

Ideally there will be no output but an empty list []. Otherwise the
output is JSON and hopefully has enough information to point you in the
right direction. Feel free to ask if need help.

False positives are always a possibility and many of the checks run
independently so it's possible to get multiple issues from a single root
problem. It's hard to predict all possible installations so some
fine-tuning may be required.

I'd recommend running it every now and then at least, like prior to
updating IPA packages, creating a new master, etc, if not daily. It
will, for example, warn of impending cert expiration.

The more feedback I get on it the better and more useful I can make it.

This is my own personal backport and is not officially supported by
anyone but me. It's preferred to report issues on this mailing list.
I'll see them and others may be able to chime in as well.

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