Are you using SELinux? 

On Aug 30, 2018, at 2:39 PM, Andrew Meyer via FreeIPA-users <> wrote:

Has anyone setup the self service password module?
I have it setup and working on tomcat on a seperate server.

If so I have a few questions:

1) did you install this on the freeipa main server or another server?

2)  Did you have allow anonymous searching for pwm?  I have a user account setup for this and I was able to test auth but test account doesn't want to work.  I'm not sure why.  I'm still looking through the logs.  

I have been following this user's suggestions on getting this working:

Obviously not using the MySQL setup but FreeIPA (99pwm.ldif and PWMacis.ldif).

I am running the 99pwm on a test environment and its not allowing me to add the 99pwm.ldif file.  The dirsrv service complains that it can't read the file.  But the permissions are correct.

[root@freeipa02-dev schema]# pwd
[root@freeipa02-dev schema]# ls -la | grep -i 99pwm
-rw-r-----. 1 dirsrv dirsrv   2036 Aug 30 12:57 99pwm.ldif
[root@freeipa02-dev schema]#
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