I am trying to modify the TTL for records in my zone.  When I try to do this I am getting the following error:

[gatewayblend@freeipa01-dev ~]$ ipa dnsrecord-mod gatewayblend.local. andrew-test.stl1 --ttl=300
No option to modify specific record provided.
Current DNS record contents:

SSHFP record: 1 1 8F38BD27234E2F419E8179607096D497DABAB293, 1 2 3536330BFFF12A9E135FB1C0AD0592B85AF6DE4B806386CDAFB8A907 46C55DC0, 3 1 593EA53A72596B89549FE7C342EC6207CBE4B1A5, 3 2 CCD421DBE0FF48127B1360F463506FBD07D1751E9C0694398B14624E D925F2B0, 4 1 3B50D596C462184636194EBBD6D7142D964CAE4F, 4 2 4C7B1BA7E6108EC2225DBF1D85DA60CDFEDCCF11FC140A2C068A4804 E2813CB8
A record:

Modify SSHFP record '1 1 8F38BD27234E2F419E8179607096D497DABAB293'? Yes/No (default No): Y
ipa: ERROR: invalid 'name': must be Unicode text
[gatewayblend@freeipa01-dev ~]$