admin ….but this is new IPA 4.0 admin not IPA 3.0 admin ….BUT I tried del IPA4.0 's admin and migrated 3.0 one which follow old same ID ..same situation occur. del fail.

2018-05-29 21:33 GMT+08:00 Florence Blanc-Renaud <>:
On 05/29/2018 12:26 PM, barrykfl--- via FreeIPA-users wrote:

Hi :

I migrated use commands form ipa 3 to ipa 4

  ipa migrate-ds --user-container=cn=users,cn=accounts --group-container=cn=groups,cn=accounts --with-compat ldap:// <>

Fine I saw everything work entries there ...but I want del account it said user not found..

(Modify info is ok) ...any idea ???

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which user is authenticated in the WebUI? Is it the admin or another user?

Can you provide the content of /var/log/dirsrv/slapd-domxxx/access (you may need to wait a few minutes because it's buffered) when you try to perform the delete?