the following blog post describes your situation and may help understand the issues with linux hosts enrolled to IPA while their domain name belongs to AD:

Hope this clarifies,

On Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 7:49 AM Ash Ryder via FreeIPA-users <freeipa-users@lists.fedorahosted.org> wrote:
Hello Guys, I just recently configured my IPA server on its own subdomain within my active directory environment and established trust between AD and Free IPA. Windows users can now SSH to my Free IPA server.

I now want to configure my existing Debian server which is on my AD domain so AD users can SSH to it . I have read through the following documentation to enroll my Debain box on my AD domain to Free IPA (https://www.freeipa.org/page/V4/IPA_Client_in_Active_Directory_DNS_domain) and seem to be confusing myself. I am no linux expert and have been learning on the fly.

I have tried running the following command and got these results and was under the impression that the DNS domain should be example.com?? If someone could please provide some simple steps and confirm what I should expect that would help me get my head around it.


ipa-client-install --domain linux.example.com --enable-dns-updates

This program will set up FreeIPA client.
Version 4.7.2

WARNING: conflicting time&date synchronization service 'ntp' will be disabled
in favor of chronyd

Discovery was successful!
Client hostname: Server.example.com
DNS Domain: linux.example.com
IPA Server: IPA01.linux.example.com
BaseDN: dc=linux,dc=example,dc=com

Thank you as always,
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