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> Hi,
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>> As a side node, the conncheck for ipa-ca-install fails all the time
>> now, when executing check on remote master it ends with this:
>> 2024-03-14T07:42:26Z DEBUG Destroyed connection
>> context.rpcclient_139905569284576
>> 2024-03-14T07:42:26Z ERROR ERROR: Remote master check failed with
>> following error message(s):
>> invalid 'cn': must be "freeipa-4.xerces.lan"
>> 2024-03-14T07:42:26Z DEBUG Stopping listening thread.
>> Which seems really strange...
> The message is highly misleading, but basically means that the conncheck part tried to check the connection to freeipa-4.xerces.lan, there was an issue and then a different server was tried. Discussed in this thread: https://lists.fedorahosted.org/archives/list/freeipa-users@lists.fedorahosted.org/thread/VCARE7OOXWBEB5UXF75AQVFQXNOA43XM/

Ok, i have actually looked at that and checked the pki
security-domain-show --- perhaps i should look at the bug options as

> Can you provide the exact OS + ipa / 389-ds-base versions that you have on your server and on your replica? And any relevant info about the history of the master (for instance, was the master initially installed with this version or was it upgraded from older versions).

I verified that the plugin is available on the other end, so ...
Centos 8 Stream - master:

Fedora 39 - replica:
In this version of 389-ds the default password storage scheme is PBKDF2-SHA512 but as far as I know, 389-ds-base- does not support this scheme, only PBKDF2_SHA256.
You either need to update the master to a more recent version or force a different password storage scheme on the replica, for instance by providing the following config file to ipa-replica-install:
# cat /tmp/dse.ldif
dn: cn=config
changetype: modify
replace: passwordStorageScheme
passwordStorageScheme: PBKDF2_SHA256
# ipa-replica-install [...] --dirsrv-config-file /tmp/dse.ldif