I have a synology NAS which hosts some SMB shares on my network.  I would like to be able to use FreeIPA as the LDAP provider it checks against for authenticating these shares.  I have a system user that I created in FreeIPA for this purpose.  

I configured the NAS to connect to my FreeIPA server for LDAP, but I get a message about a failure to access some users NT passwords and how the Samba service may not work for these users.  It also says it could be either a lack of NT passwords for the users or insufficient privileges to access them.  After chatting with Synology support they wanted me to enable CIFS plaintext password authentication.  However, if I select that option it given me a warning about the share not being able to be the remote mount target of CIFS anymore due to SMB being set to v1 only and disabling the SMB related Bonjour service.  If the system user doesn't have the needed privileges, how can I fix that since I can't enroll the NAS?

Kristian Petersen
System Administrator
BYU Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry