Not worried about Windows 10 Home. All the machines have Pro. I also have no issues running real Windows Server domain controllers.

I do want to be able to use policy features in IPA like HBAC, sudo rules, etc. Will a trust without synced local users cause any issues with that?

- Y

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On Fri, Oct 22, 2021, 12:42 AM Jonathan Aquilina <> wrote:
Hi Guys,

Long time lurker. I can confirm in order to join an AD domain you need at least win 10 Pro

The below using Samba isn’t a bad idea in all fairness. The question becomes though how would you join an windows 10 home machine to the samba AD controller?


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On to, 21 loka 2021, Yehuda Katz via FreeIPA-users wrote:
>I was asked to set up a completely new network for a non-profit. They
>have a mix of Windows and Linux (mostly Ubuntu) machines. Until now I
>have only used FreeIPA (or RedHat IDM) in a standalone configuration.
>Is there any kind of best practices documentation for this situation? A
>discussion of a sync vs. trust approach? Any known gotchas?

Things to consider:
  - Windows machines cannot be enrolled into FreeIPA, they have to be
    enrolled into Active Directory

  - If users are all on Active Directory side, they can login to
    FreeIPA-enrolled machines through trust to Active Directory

  - While winsync plugin allows to synchronize users from Active
    Directory side to FreeIPA (they become FreeIPA users), this is of
    limited functionality and in general not going to live well in future
    as we consider deprecating this approach

It used to be that non-Pro versions of Windows weren't possible to join to Active Directory. I'd rather checked what is in use before planning it.

For a non-profit it is probably worth to consider deploying Samba AD as your Active Directory configuration.

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