duh.... it moved again

the example is your answer


Op do 8 okt. 2020 om 19:03 schreef Rob Verduijn <rob.verduijn@gmail.com>:
Check this, it is already installed on your rhel/centos server, and works great with ipa.
( in fact the lead dev is also a dev on ipa )


Op do 8 okt. 2020 om 18:20 schreef Kevin Vasko via FreeIPA-users <freeipa-users@lists.fedorahosted.org>:

We have an application that does some data processing on our NFS server. Users typically just ssh into a box which then has a kerberos key generated for them, which allows them access the NFS share and run the script.

We are wanting to set this up in a more automated fashion. Such as running the script in the background as a service. However, after a few days the kerberos keys become invalid killing access to the NFS share and the data.

Is there a way to generate some account/keys that will have permanent access for service level stuff like this?

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