I was doing some rtfm for migration of an ipa ca-renewal master to a different system.
I figured that the docs on migrating from rhel7 to rhel8 would be a nice help for me to migrate from one centos7 to another centos 7 system.

Something in the docs gave me pause.

In the doc in chapter 17.4 instruction 4


It states that on replicas at the bottom of the file /etc/httpd/conf.d/ipa-pki-proxy.conf you should uncomment the rewrite rule and ensure it points to the 'ca renewal master'

However on the centos 7 freeipa replica it points to the replica.

Is the configuration on the centos7 freeipa replica incorrect ?
Or is the instruction from redhat in need of updates ?

If it's the first, then the installation packages of freeipa on centos need some attention, because I didn't configure that line as such.