I have an administrative user which hasn't logged into his account in some time - likely over a year.
He can authenticate to any bound host, but cannot login to the FreeIPA servers.  I verified this wasn’t an HABC issue.

I compared his account to my own and found he had an extra attribute - krblastadminunlock

grant@ef-idm01:~[20221123-4:41][#1003]$ ipa user-show --all waynev | grep krblastadminunlock
  krblastadminunlock: 20171006230951Z
grant@ef-idm01:~[20221123-4:47][#1004]$ ipa user-show --all grant | grep krblastadminunlock

I wasn’t able to find much on this, but did find this:

How can I remove the krblastadminunlock attribute from this user without resetting the password?


- grant