Thanks for sharing this. As a follow-up, is there currently a path for SSO with Jira + Confluence + Crucible and FreeIPA? It seems like there is a shortcoming of Atlassian products missing Kerberos support.

On Tue, Aug 28, 2018 at 4:14 PM Jacob Jenner Rasmussen via FreeIPA-users <> wrote:
I have just setup my Jira and Confluence instances to use my FreeIPA instance as their user directory. I'm leaving this message on how I did it in the hope somebody else find it useful.

Note: I did this with Confluence version 6.10.1 and Jira version 7.12.0

For confluence you should create the groups "confluence-administrators" and "confluence-users", and for Jira you should create the groups "jira-software-administrators" and "jira-software-users"

Please note that only users that are part of confluence-users or jira-software-users will be recognized by Confluence and Jira respectively. If you wan't a different set of users to appear in Confluence and Jira change the User Object Filter field appropriately.

Add a new LDAP user directory and configure as follows. This applied to both Confluence and Jira:

Server Settings:
 - Namel: FreeIPA
 - Directory Type: OpenLDAP
 - Server:
 - Port: 389
 - Use SLL: false # Believe that you gonna to add the FreeIPA CA to the jdk cert store in order to enable this
 - Username: uid=admin,cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com    # change admin to a service specfic account
 - Password: <insert password here>

LDAP Schema:
 - Base DN: dc=example,dc=com
 - Additional User DN: cn=users,cn=accounts
 - Additional Group DN: cn=groups,cn=accounts

LDAP Permissions: Read Only

Advanced Settings: <default settings>

User Schema Settings:
 - User Object Class: inetorgperson
 - User Object Filter:
   - for confluence: (&(objectclass=inetorgperson)(memberOf=cn=confluence-users,cn=groups,cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com))
   - for jira: (&(objectclass=inetorgperson)(memberOf=cn=jira-software-users,cn=groups,cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com))
 - User Name Attribute: uid
 - User Name RDN Attribute: uid
 - User First Name Attriute: givenName  # This is wrong, FreeIPA doesn't seem to have anything fits this field
 - User Last Name Attribute: sn
 - User Display Name Attribute: displayName
 - User Email Attribute: mail
 - User Password Attribute: userPassword
 - User Password Encryption: SHA
 - User Unique ID Attribute: ipaUniqueID

Group Schema Settings:
 - Group Object Class: groupofnames
 - Group Object Filter: (objectclass=groupofnames)
Note: "groupofnames" should be all lowercase
 - Group Name Attribute: cn
 - Group Description Attribute: description

Membership Schema Settings:
 - Group Members Attribute: member
 - User Membership Attribute: memberOf
 - Use the User Membership Attribute: false   # I'm not sure what to set this to, but this works

One thing I haven't looked into that might be relevant to set under Advanced Settings is the Enabled Nested Groups setting.
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