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[freeipa PR#5976][opened] Translations update from Weblate
by weblate
8 months, 1 week
[freeipa PR#5939][opened] ipaserver: disable resolved' stub resolver
by fcami
8 months, 3 weeks
[freeipa PR#5845][opened] component: Fix installation on hosts withouc /proc/1/sched.
by pfandl
9 months
[freeipa PR#5975][opened] schema plugin: Fix commands without metaobject argument
by stanislavlevin
10 months, 3 weeks
[freeipa PR#5985][opened] Increase default limit on LDAP searches to 100k
by rcritten
11 months, 1 week
[freeipa PR#5995][opened] Catch and log errors when adding CA profiles
by rcritten
11 months, 2 weeks
[freeipa PR#5991][opened] extdom: return LDAP_NO_SUCH_OBJECT if domains differ
by sumit-bose
11 months, 2 weeks
[freeipa PR#5997][opened] [Backport][ipa-4-9] Add URI system records for KDC
by rcritten
11 months, 2 weeks
[freeipa PR#5990][opened] Temp commit
by tiran
11 months, 2 weeks
[freeipa PR#5996][opened] [Backport][ipa-4-9] selinux policy: allow custodia to access /proc/cpuinfo
by flo-renaud
11 months, 2 weeks
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