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[freeipa PR#5388][opened] Better mod_wsgi configuration
by tiran
1 week
[freeipa PR#5556][opened] ipatests: various enhancement to hidden replica tests
by fcami
1 week, 6 days
[freeipa PR#5568][opened] ipa passwd: make help for `--otp` option clearer
by antoniotorresm
2 weeks, 2 days
[freeipa PR#5587][opened] Allow multiple permitopen/permitlisten entries in SSH keys
by antoniotorresm
2 weeks, 2 days
[freeipa PR#5573][opened] WIP: Exercise the healthcheck tests to check for DBusError
by rcritten
2 weeks, 5 days
[freeipa PR#5256][opened] Handle multiple AJP adapters during upgrade
by cipherboy
2 weeks, 6 days
[freeipa PR#5562][opened] ipatests: Enable certbot test on rhel
by mrizwan93
3 weeks, 1 day
[freeipa PR#5555][opened] [Backport][ipa-4-8] [ipatests][Azure Pipelines] Populate containers with self-AAAA records
by stanislavlevin
3 weeks, 1 day
[freeipa PR#5438][opened] [PoC] Add support for subuid and subgid
by tiran
3 weeks, 5 days
[freeipa PR#5589][opened] freeipa.spec: synchronize with Fedora for 389-ds and PKI versions
by abbra
1 month
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