Hi Sheng Mao, welcome to Fedora! I would also follow Robbi's advice and reach out the package maintainer to request the package first.

If you have questions later, you're always welcome to reach out here. See you around! 👋🏻

Justin W. Flory (he/him)
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Hi Fedora Community,

My name is Sheng Mao and lucky me, I have the opportunity to introduce myself here. For so many years, I can only use Linux servers while my work machine stays with Windows, thankfully I finally have a chance to switch both my desktop and laptop to Fedora. This is a wonderful choice and soon I felt that I should have done that many years ago. When I work with Linux daily, I can easily find something that I want to help with. "Start with the bugs and features by your hand", this is a quote from my friend.

I am a big fan of programming and open source. I have work experience with geospatial, civil, and medical imaging software. I use C++ at work to improvement software rendering on remote X11 and Mesa3D. I advocate self-hosting and thus get familiar with Btrfs, ZFS, systemd, and podman. Ruby is my favourite tool for sysadmin script and Python is my weapon when I was geospatial algorithm designer.

Fossil is my secret recipe for managing and versioning dot-files. Sadly it is near orphaned in Fedora now. I would like to help maintaining fossil in the future.

Special thanks to @alciregi, @FranciscoD, and @t0xic0der. They help me in Telegram #joinfedora channel on setting up a lot of stuff.

Thank you Fedora!

Sheng Mao
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