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Subject: [Fedora-join] Meeting logs and summary - and work to be done

Hi everyone,

Thank you for making time to attend the meeting. We had quite a
constructive meeting.

In short, we discussed what the best way to go forward from here is.
What can be done is broadly divided into - tooling and non-tooling

By tooling, we mean things like "whatcanidoforfedora", join.fp.o and so
on. At some point, we'd like to unify the join process followed by
different teams since they all do have quite a few common steps to
begin with - creation of an FAS account system, for example. Now, we're
all aware that we're going to have a new fedora hubs system in place
soon. We spoke to robyduck from the websites team and he clarified
quite a few things for us:
- hubs is like an intranet for contributors
- so, you need to have an fas account to access the hubs
- there will be pages for joining new teams but the details on how this
will be implemented still need to be fleshed out
- the wiki has too much stuff on it and will continue to exist

So, basically, we decided to leave the tooling part for the moment,
quite simply because we want to wait until the hubs are up and then
decide on what we need to modify/improve.

This brings us to the non tooling tasks - ideas for people, as
randomuser put it - how can we engage better with newbies ourselves
instead of making them interact the wiki or the join tool and so on.
For this, we came up with the idea of "join days". Think of them as
test-days, but for different teams:

- on a fixed frequency, say monthly, we'll speak to one Fedora team and
set up a "team join day".
- we'll keep a set of simple tasks ready for this day - easyfix and so
- we'll try and get contributors from the selected team to hang around
to speak to the newbies and help them out
- we'll spread the word about this - magazine, personal blogs, twitter
and so on (try and make heavy use of the marketing resources at
Fedora's disposal)
- newbies come, we speak to them, we walk them through the join
process, we get them to do a simple task and therefore contribute to
the functioning of the team
- they get to do some work, they get to join Fedora, they get to know
some of the team's contributors
- the teams get new contributors and also get some of their simple
tasks done
- if we can focus on universities and student groups (commops is
speaking about a university outreach program for example), that'd be
awesome too

So, we need to work on:
- which team to begin with? Ideas? (Keeping in mind that F23 is release
soon - something coinciding with the release would be nice)
- when do we do the join day
- rewards - newbies get a badge for joining the community anyway.
Should we have a badge for community members that help out?
- metrics to collect - community members involved, newbies involved,
work done, *what else*?
- after the join day - get newbies and contributors to write about
their experiences (feedback?)

- what else?

The logs are below:

Meeting started by FranciscoD_ at 20:02:35 UTC. The full logs are
available at

Meeting summary
* rollcall  (FranciscoD_, 20:02:51)

* flock summary  (FranciscoD_, 20:05:39)
  * IDEA: merge join processes of different Fedora teams  (FranciscoD_,
  * IDEA: join.fp.o redo  (FranciscoD_, 20:16:36)
  * IDEA: integrate "join days" with release tasks  (FranciscoD_,
  * LINK:   (FranciscoD_,

Meeting ended at 21:20:32 UTC.

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