Fedora developers are busy preparing for the Fedora 23 Release.  At this point in the release cycle, major changes are planned using a scheme called a "Change".  Changes are either "Self-Contained", where the impact is limited to the proposed packages and coordination with other developers or Fedora teams is minimal, or "System Wide", which affects a number of interrelated packages and requires coordination from other teams such as QA or release engineering.

For both types, the Fedora Docs team will follow the development and implementation of each Change and summarize it for the Release Notes.  Volunteer writers 'own' each change by taking the Docs Contact designation in the Change tracking bug, and coordinating documentation with the Change owners.

Writing these up is a relatively straightforward, well defined task that's ideally suited for new Docs contributors.  The proposals are discussed at length on the devel@lists.fedoraproject.org mailing list and in FESCo meetings.  Some topics might be unfamiliar to you, but don't let that be a roadblock - the writing is targeting uninitiated readers, so your perspective is in a good place.

Without further editorializing, I present the list of approved Changes so far.  Please take the opportunity to get started early!

Fedora 23 Accepted System Wide Changes Proposals

These changes have been accepted by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee for the Fedora 23 Release as System Wide Changes.

Harden All Packages

Hardening is the process of securing a system/application by reducing its unnecessary functions, or restricting access. In Fedora 22 and before, it was up to the package maintainer to add %global _hardened_build 1 to their spec file to ensure their program was hardened. Beginning with Fedora 23 this will now become the defaults for all packages. You can compare the security by running the following as root:



Mono 4

Update the Mono stack in Fedora from 2.10 to 4.*



Disable SSL3 and RC4 by default

This change will disable by default the SSL 3.0 protocol and the RC4 cipher in components which use the system wide crypto policy. That is, gnutls and openssl libraries, and all the applications based on them.



Perl 5.22

A new perl 5.22 version brings a lot of changes done over a year of development. Perl 5.22 should be released 5/20/2015. See 5.21.11 perldelta for more details about preparing release.



Default Local DNS Resolver

To install a local DNS resolver trusted for the DNSSEC validation running on This must be the only name server entry in /etc/resolv.conf.



Fedora 23 Boost 1.59 Uplift

This change brings Boost 1.58.0 or later to Fedora 23. We generally aim to ship 1.59.0, as that seems likely to make it (hence the Change name), but 1.58.0 is out and available now.



Fedora 23 Accepted Self Contained Changes Proposals

These changes have been accepted by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee for the Fedora 23 Release as Self Contained Changes.

Cinnamon Spin

A Fedora Spin using the Cinnamon desktop environment.

System Firmware Updates

This change is to add the ability to perform firmware updates on UEFI machines.

Cockpit GUI for Domain Controller Role

Provide a graphical mechanism for deploying a FreeIPA Domain Controller on Fedora Server through the Cockpit administrative console.

Containerized Server Roles

Enhance rolekit to be able to deploy Server Roles using the Nulecule Container Specification.

Frappe Framework

A full-stack web framework based on Python and Javascript to help you build powerful business apps and nifty extensions.

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-- Pete