Dear all,

I apologies if it's the wrong place for making such questions. Please let me know if I have to contact somone else or in a different matter.

Our project is starting to make intensive use of EPEL packages, so our developers are trying to adapt their software to what is provided in the EPEL repository.
In the last days one of our groups need the:
- XrdCms/XrdCmsReq.hh.
- XrdCms/XrdCmsXmiReq.hh
file and those files are not provided by the xrootd-devel package (xrootd-devel-3.0.0-1.el5), as expected by the developers.
More than this the xrootd-devl il providing the XrdCms/XrdCmsXmi.hh that contains:
#include "XrdCms/XrdCmsReq.hh"

that means including a file that doesn't exist, or at least I'm seeing it like this, sorry if I'm wrong.

Is there a reason that those headers are missing from the xrootd-devl, and is there a way to include them?

Thank you very much,