I would like to update the current NDOUtils 1.4b9 (2009-10-27) to the latest 1.5.2 (2012-06-08) in both epel 5 and 6.

The former maintainer was not using the package, no one volunteered for it so it was retired in Fedora in 2012. As it could not be retired from released branches, this is the reason why we still have the package in epel5/epel6.

I have the updated 1.5.2 packages in production on RHEL systems, there is no change required for updating (database schema, etc. are all the same as in 1.4b9) so the package could be considered a safe upgrade (only the binary is different).

Here is the changelog for 1.5.2:


Here are el5 and el6 builds; If I don't hear any comment about it I will push the update in Bodhi next week:


If anyone volunteers (taking any review in return), here is the re-review for adding back the package in Fedora:



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