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Michael A. Peters wrote:
There are a few exceptions. I do think RHEL is justified in moving Firefox to FF3. The reason is twofold -

1) Firefox has a huge codebase. It would take extreme amount of man power to continue to maintain FF 1.x without upstream.

2) The web evolves quickly, and a browser must keep in touch with modern web innovations, particularly in the area of javascript and CSS implementation.

A small addition here; RHEL does so by releasing a minor update to the entire operating system (5.2) - so everyone knows to look for changes like these. Is this something EPEL can do as well?

EPEL 5.1/nethack-3.4.3

EPEL 5.2/nethack-4.0 (for the right reasons)

Just a thought.

I think that will imply to add another epel branch.
such as  move epel to EL-5.1 and then add EL-5.2

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