On 22 January 2013 22:50, Kevin Fenzi <kevin@scrye.com> wrote:
To add on to this, someone off list suggested to me that in addition to
this we add to the workflow:

* When a rhel public beta happens we create a wiki page for:
  EPEL x Update y Technical notes
* Maintainers are invited/encouraged to put any big changes in their
  packages planned to land after that release in the notes.
* When RHEL X.Y comes out we meet up and maintainers ack their changes
  and/or note that they want to wait for centos/sl or wish to just
* We announce with the notes wiki page and push those updates at that


I personally really like it, I also have rhn accounts for testing new releases and I really like the option of introducing rebases in EPEL.
Just my 2c.


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