Hello EPEL:
I would like to become a package maintainer, eventually an EPEL package maintainer. But first I have to become a fedora package maintainer.  
So, I would like to ask any good hearted soul within the EPEL package maintainer group to be my sponsor.   Do you have time? Are you willing?  
Since I eventually want to arrive as an EPEL package maintainer, I thought maybe someone in EPEL would be more willing to "pull me in".  It seems many packages languish un-reviewed for a long time.  I understand as part of my "internship"  I may also need to informally review some of those non-acted-upon requests for review to demonstrate my (still developing) knowledge of the packaging standards and guidelines.
I'm looking for someone that is willing to pull me in under their wing for a wee bit, and I would promise not to be very bothersome.
Here is what I have done:
- joined fedora (username: leemitchell )
- built my first package ( http://gretl.sourceforge.net , selected from the fedora wish list),
- obtained needed licensee clarification from upstream
Next I need to
- finish my self review of my package, (and optionally check it twice)
- find out how to get some public space to post my package,
- file a request for review at bugzilla
In the mean time, I wanted to throw this request out there.  Will you be my sponsor?
Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Lee Mitchell
BTW,  I selected gretl because it seems like something that will be very useful.  I'm hoping a lady I work with will like it and find it useful after I eventually get it into EPEL (but first fedora)