My intention is to read an ELF file, then append some data to the end of a section, then update the existing ELF file.
I wrote a small example program that works fine with libelfg0, but it fails to append with elfutils (it replaces the data instead of appending to it).

The following is observed on Ubuntu-11.10 (installed version of libelf1 is 0.152). I have attached a small example program that demonstrates the behavior.

With libelfg0 version 0.8.13 the effect of the elf_newdata() call is to __append__ the new data buffer to the end of any existing data in a section.
However, with libelf1 the elf_newdata() call actually __replaces__ existing data when elf_update() executes.

The man page at suggests that appending is the intended behavior. Can anyone confirm this? It would be very inconvenient to have two libraries in the world that seem to provide the same source-level API but with slightly different semantics ...

Thanks for clearing this up,
Paul Stravers