Gnantly_]! THE WOMAN [_continuing_]--and why you are wandering here alone without a nurse. THE ELD

, of all things, stagnation; for from the moment I, Lilith, lose hope and faith in them,

Nimals; and they are dissatisfied because they cannot be bothered with their bodies! Foolishness, I call it. [_He disappears_]. LILITH. They have accepted the burden of eternal life. They have taken the agony from birth; and their life does not fail them even in the hour of their destruction. Their breasts are without milk: their bowels are gone: the very shapes of them are only ornaments for their children to admire and caress without understanding. Is this enough; or shall I labor again? Shall I bring forth something that will sweep them away and make an end of them as they have swept away the beasts of the garden, and made an end of the crawling things and the flying things and of all them that refuse to live for ever? I had patience with them for many ages: they tried me very sorely. They did

. They are poison to me. BURGE-LUBIN. What possible objection can there be to their living

Se of a man living 283 years, I advise you to take a few weeks at the seaside. BARNABAS. Let there be an end of this hinting that I am out of my mind. Come and look at the cinema record. I tell you this man is Archbishop Haslam, Archbishop Stickit, President Dickenson, General Bullyboy and himself into the bargain; all five of them. THE ARCHBISHOP. I do not deny it. I never have denied it. Nobody has ever asked me. BURGE-LUBIN. But damn it, man--I beg your pardon, Archbishop; but really, really-- THE ARCHBISHOP. Dont mention it. What

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Us sham good fellowship our democratic public men get up for shop use He pretends to believe me, and assures me his visit is quite disinterested; but why should he come if he has no axe to grind? These chaps never believe anything they say themselves; and naturally they cannot believe anything anyone else says. CONRAD [_rising_] Well, I shall clear out. It was hard enou

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