On Jan 3, 2013, at 5:52 PM, Pete Travis <me@petetravis.com> wrote:

> I saw and replied to that thread a while ago; it contains no work arounds or alternatives to what will be the Fedora 18 boot loader options: all or none, also known as wipe out existing boot loader, or have an unbootable system.
> I have no doubt this will be seen as a major regression (one I agree with, but I think how people should connect the dots ought to be documented). I think work arounds should be documented, other than telling people to use kickstart.
> Chris Murphy

Okay, I'm game for improvement.   We can put in a dedicated note to establish grub expectations.

There's a list of things anaconda can't or won't do that might be fitting in the release notes. I've been deliberately vague in this beat on such things because I want readers to get a positive impression of newUI and a bunch of negatives makes that harder. Not impossible, though; I like the new anaconda.

I wouldn't so much characterize it as a negative, as much as it's in conforming with upstream recommendations (or maybe upstream best practices).

Interestingly, kickstart-configurator appears to have the oldui install boot loader to a partition option. I don't know if that means it's "supported"; and also if it makes sense to punt and document merely the --force flag to use block lists like kickstart and prior anacondas? It's certainly easier to document, although with a retort from GRUB2 that block lists aren't recommended.

And then perhaps change this for F19, by going with documenting the more stable and recommended approaches (using configfile, multiboot, or kernel).

Chris Murphy