Hello Everyone,


My name is Shajia Khan . I am a student of Technical Communication, Seneca College, Toronto. From the January 2009 till April 2009 I will have my co-op semester and I am planning to work with Fedora project in the area of documentation writing and editing to gain my co-op experience.


My educational background is basically in English. I have done my bachelors in English language and literature. Then I worked as a news paper reporter for a while and then worked as language teacher in middle school. After that, I did my M.A. in Applied Linguistics from Carleton University, Ottawa. I worked for a linguistic consultant for a company in Calgary for a year. I worked as a teacher in various educational settings. Then I enrolled in Seneca College to make a career change. I am planning to become a technical writer because I believe as a teacher my main object was to convey complex ideas to my students in simple terms. Here as a technical writer I will be doing the same.


I have summed up my experiences and knowledge which will bring result to Fedora project:


My working experience as a writer: I wrote in news paper articles. As a teacher I wrote handouts, course outlines and even teaching units which are very similar to the technical documents.

My experience in editing: As a teacher I had to review my students writing and help them to write in correct English. Moreover the course in Editing and Style in Seneca had brushed up those editing skills and taught me some tools especially on how to edit in an electronic document.

The technical know -how:  The technical communication course in Seneca taught me some key concept in documentation. For example, task analysis, user analysis, writing a procedure, technical description, technical specification, software lifecycle etc. It will enable me to be familiarized in the term.

Communication Skills: As I mentioned earlier, as a teacher my key responsibility was to explain complex ideas into simple terms. I believe that is very crucial when someone works as a technical writer.


I will be able to work full time for Fedora, so I am looking for lots and lots of works!