Salut Jean-

I am a bilingual Montrealer (French/Engliish).  Let me tell you my experience.
I worked for a company that found software like latex, or asciidoctor a very high cost labor intensive approach. 
At the time, the decision was to take Microsoft Office and generate a Master document and slaves. That company produces software in many forms, from e-books, pdfs, and word.

I took the Installation manual from the web, and imported it into LibreOffice, a free and open source product, ubiquitous and easy to share.
LibreOffice accepts graphics and written text, and produces the web, pdf, and other format.
One feature of this approach is that one person can review the text written by the author, pass over it and mark it up for comments, changes and spelling errors.   Further, I followed  a writing guideline that respects technical writing and how to structure a document.

One feature of LibreOffice and MS Office is the ability for an editor to perform inline markups, and inline comments. The documents such as an installation guide can be structured as a Master document, which includes sub-documents.  The piecing together and maintenance is very much easier than using asciidoc or latex or a generalized script driven software.

So far, the project has standardized on asciidoc. This means that my contribution is not accepted. I would like Fedora to review alternatives to asciidoctor. I am waiting for a corporate decision to test using LibreOffice as an alternative to ASCIIDOC.  I have researched  libreoffice to asciidoc conversion, which has been done by others.

So, I offer my volunteering with LibreOffice and with editing and authoring. What you see is what you get(WYSIWYG) will get the installation and other guides up-to-date (current).  WYSIWYG requires many fewer hours to generate quality output.   I have a sample document that is available for review.

Vous pouvez me repondre en francais. (Clavier American sans accents).


Leslie Satenstein
Montréal Québec, Canada

On Monday, April 27, 2020, 4:57:09 p.m. GMT-4, Jean-Baptiste <> wrote:

Hi teams,

Fedora docs internationalization missed one more release, because of the
fedora-docs build system being understood by one single person. And that
person, despite his qualities and skills is/was unavailable for months.

All is here, the script works, but nobody does the action to make it go
from staging to production.

I'm really disappointed. I spent so much time trying to make it work.

Doing that is not respecting the hundred of hours of work localization
community did. Are we transparent for you docs people?

I feel like taking a break, but I feel like responsible to make fedora
docs l10n go live.

Can someone take the responsibility to make this real? I'm tired.
Jean-Baptiste Holcroft
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