Hello all,

My name is Atmn Patel. I am a high school student in a small town near Windsor, ON, Canada. I am technically in grade 10, but I'm looking at a very early graduation. I was going to apply to the University of Toronto this year, but didn't because my parents wouldn't let me go. My dream school is MIT, double major in CS and Physics to pursue a doctorate in Quantum Computing. I started with Linux in grade 6, with Ubuntu (when they still used GNOME) but after they switched to Unity, I changed to Arch Linux. I stuck with Arch until about 10 months ago when I decided that I actually want to start contributing, I changed to Fedora. I spent the last 10 months getting used to it, understanding it, and toying with it, and now I think its time I start contributing.

As for my computer skills, I know C and Python to the level of an introductory undergraduate course. I am currently learning Java in my spare time. I am also working towards getting the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator. As for project experience, I have none. I believe that I am an excellent match for the project because I am willing to learn and dedicate time to the project (I have no experience whatsoever).

Time Zone: EST
Interests: N/A

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