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> How do you feel about a cheerful direction to either put it on the MBR, or do it yourself? Would that be sufficient, given the level of detail in the Installation Guide?
I'm confused, the installation guide already does that.  The red Warning at the bottom of this page:

"If you choose not to install GRUB for any reason, you will not be able to boot the system directly, and you must use another boot method (such as a commercial boot loader application). Use this option only if you are sure you have another way of booting the system!"

I have no stake in this, I don't need to install GRUB to a partition. But based on testers, bug reporters, and users of previous versions of Fedora and other linux distros, a significant minority are used to being able to install GRUB to a partition. And this last line, "only if you are sure" in my opinion will lead to a negative reaction: "well what the hell, I definitely do NOT have another way of booting the system, and I don't want to nuke my current boot loader! Now what am I supposed to do?"

I'm suggesting giving them an explicit set of instructions for "do it yourself" rather than leave them hanging.

Chris Murphy

I see your point, but I'm leaning towards explaining the reason for deprecation and the benefits of a unified grub configuration, with instructions on using grub2-mkconfig. The broader audience will get into less trouble that way.