Thanks john,
               This is really very helpful.So easy to digest.

On Sat, Jun 26, 2010 at 3:53 AM, John J. McDonough <> wrote:
One of the wiki pages identified as "needing love" was the one
documenting the workflow we use:

I've made a start at updating that, trying to be a bit more graphical.
(OK, I'm an engineer; I tend not to read the manual but I do look at the

We definitely need more detail underneath this, but I would like some
feedback on whether this is a helpful approach.  All of the old
material, some of it badly out of date, is still there but commented

Some of the things I thing we need:
- Guidance on editing the wiki
- Guidance on applying for groups
- Guidance on conversion to XML, both manual and via the python tool
- Howto XML -> Publican -> docs.fp.o

Probably lots of others.

Any feedback appreciated.


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