Thank you Gayathri, for the welcome.
Indeed, i have already linked up with the translation project.
I can not say that Linux is new for me, but it is the first time that i want to participate in a project.
The day Microsoft decided to launch the Vista cruelty on the dutch market i decided that i would throw out al the MS garbage.
I installed Core 6 and have it running nicely ( exept for my TV card, but i will fix that as well), and i will mail the trick to the hardware project.
But for now, i want to participate in the documents project and try to translate a lot of documents in either Dutch, German or English.
In that way the stepover to Linux for the poor Vista victims will be a lot easier.
I hope i can make a nice contribution for this Project.
With regards
John Sterken
The Netherlands
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Hello John:

As a relative newcomer, I can say that I think you'll find the team to
be very supportive and friendly.

This is encouraging :) This group indeed seems to be very organized ( like the howtos, directions) and very collaborative.

If you haven't already, you should also link up with the Translation
Project. It's great when someone has good language skills in English
and another language (I wish I did).

I did not link to the translations project. Will certainly do that.

Gayathri Swaminathan
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Volunteer, FDP

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