NOTED! Will work on that this weekend!

Thx decause!

2016-05-11 11:14 GMT-04:00 Remy DeCausemaker <>:
On Wed, May 11, 2016 at 7:26 AM, María Leandro <> wrote:
>> But, I remember we discussed about some FWD specific stickers or goodies,
>> we may need some budget for that? or that should be done via opening ticket
>> for regional ambassadors or that is not in plan anymore.

Keep me posted on any designs you may create for stickers. I am more
than happy to coordinate that process (similarly to how I'm
coordinating the "Fedora <3 Python" ordering for all the regions now.)

If we open a ticket with the design team to get the artwork started
early, we should have no problem getting some stickers ordered.

Happy to Help,

> Yes, all budget goes through ambassadors since each one of us will be
> hosting local events.
> ---
> Mani, I like the idea of a general policy and then small add-ons for local
> differences. I really like this idea, yet, lets remember we are advisers, so
> we will only provide tools for those who need it.

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