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Hi Everyone,
I'm interested in joining the Diversity Team. I'm a Fedora Ambassador based out of Regina, SK, Canada. I'm returning to being involved with Fedora after being away for two years due to a medical disability, Epilepsy.

As an ambassador, I am moderately active in the local Linux community, helping
start the official Red Hat User Group. At RHUG meetings I almost always talk about what is upstream, or specifcally about Fedora. At the last meeting I presented on Cockpit.

As someone with an invisible disability, with atypical seizures, I have dealt with the stigma cause by looking and acting falling-down-drunk at work.

At work, I am responsible for one of our big data analasys tools, and ensuring it is accessable for our blind users.

I want to join the Diversity and Inclusion Team, as I believe that as an Ambassador, my responsiblity is to introduce Fedora to everyone.
Hi David,

welcome back! We're happy to have you here with us.
Thanks for sharing a bit of your background with us and it's awesome to know that you are interested to be a part of diversity team.

To begin with, you can check out the open tickets on our Pagure repo to follow the tasks and work this team is working on:
You are more than welcome to comment on any of these or feel free to open a new issue if you want to propose a new idea.

Here is more about the team - https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/diversity-inclusion/

We might have our next meeting on Friday , but we are also discussing a new meeting time - so please check out again this mailing list when we announce it.
During the meeting we will go through the tickets that have higher priority and need help/work, so would be great if you can attend.

Welcome again to our mailing list! :) 


David Yaffe
irc: str8edge or str8edgedave

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