Prof Mani, I support the Outreach efforts, but for a while have been concerned with unfunded mandates. Requiring regions to fund these events seems counter to helpful. As in supporting Inclusion will take away from local Fedoran's already limited budget.

I'm preparing to be really uppity if need be, I'm hoping that doing this will create less liabilities for others. This sorta thing is why I was recruited from Fedora. I'm reaching out to my contacts within the group behind the scenes to see what can be done. I already have a meeting scheduled next week, and have folks "able to do a meeting at end of month." A month is too long to wait. 

I'll update as things develop. 

As to specifics of your event, I was mistaken in thinking these events would be Project wide. Im avoiding details of your event (for now :D.) I'm trying to walk the line here, so I can be able to react as needed. I've already reached out to RH's CEO on Twitter, and have made clear if needed he'll join the dialog if need be. 

At this point we are having to Fight Fedora for having an event. This time would be better spent planning, IMHO.

Let's see Fedora live by Being Excellent to Each Other,


On Wed, May 4, 2016 at 12:33 AM, A. Mani <> wrote:
Since the very idea was conceived in March'2016, I am having issues
with budgeting (and other organizers will also have similar issues) as
the rule book for ambassadors  says that I should have applied in the
previous year.

What can be done on the matter?

Thanks and Best

A. Mani

Prof(Miss) A. Mani
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