As I mention at some of the meetings I went when talking about the role,  creating a position with so much formality is why people will consider it a job, when it's clearly not. Don't want to say that formality is bad, just that it's out of scope to post a job description for what is just a communitary roll.

Do we have a job description for FAmSCo, FESCo or the Board? Sometimes, keeping things simple can be less confusing.

Easy way to go with is just to appoint someone and start working, and in a year or two make an election to select someone else or go with the same person again. Posting formal request like this create hiring expectations between the community members.

2015-07-02 11:43 GMT-04:30 Máirín Duffy <>:

On 07/02/2015 11:45 AM, Marina Zhurakhinskaya wrote:
I would underscore that this is a position on the Fedora Council, which is part of Fedora community governance.

Reliance on volunteering or unpaid work is one of the reasons there are fewer people from minority backgrounds, who have less leisure time, in open source, so I wouldn't offer the value of volunteering as an explanation in this context.

The argument implicitly being posed here, whether intended by anyone involved or not, is this:

Is it better to have no role at all than an unpaid one?

Those are the two options right now.

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