On 05/29/2017 05:54 PM, Justin W. Flory wrote:
On 05/27/2017 05:04 PM, Amita wrote:
Hello Everyone,

After missing past few weeks meeting, hope to get back on track.

Below is the agenda for May 31 Diversity meeting -
1. Flock Submissions - https://pagure.io/fedora-diversity/issue/27
2. Diversity Events - https://pagure.io/fedora-diversity/issue/11
3. Change in Meeting Time - Every Saturday(non-working day), weekly
meeting instead of bi-weekly and a recorded video call with major
meeting points in MOM
on mail list after meeting. It can be early morning or late evening IST
4. After this discussion, if time permits, we will discuss tickets which
have meeting tag in them.

Just to confirm, are we planning on doing this as a video call or via
IRC? I am planning to be available for either option.
I am +1 for video call, let's ask others.

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