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> A single person could be the advisor, yet, there is no way (not just due time, but also due knowledge) that a single person can be running it all.
What is "it"? 
> Since the beginning I've had success thanks to those who have been taking time to help me and guide me through this, so the smartest move is to turn this into a group structure, yet to be determined, and that's where everyone comes in.
I don't know if getting folks to join a group to help "sort things" had enough interest. Let alone will it be like Videos? (As in a plan was made, got feedback, got direction from advisors,  workflow was done... Most of those things are moot now, no attention is paid to these efforts folks made.)
> I've already created the "team members" section [0], where I added Justin as a member (would like Amita and Jona to join their names there as well) however, in order to continue, we need to chose which structure would fit us better. You can also read our meeting logs where we talked a bit about it [1]
Fitting what? The Project? Diversity's Mission Statement? Where and what? Assuming this means how to integrate diversity into Project (hoping that's a goal.)

I am of opinion that funding is needed, or this is 'token effort' (sorry for the pun) will basically be what we've had for years; the ability to do outreach and/or inclusive events. And ask our local regions to fund them.

Money aside for a moment, we have given regions an extra task. I see Diversity as able to teach/explain to our fellow Fedorans  the what/why/how of the noble effort.

Let me be clear- this effort IS noble. I support it. Despite no funding and shades of Model Minority stuff, this effort is acknowledgement that we have diverse communities to draw from. As well as Fedora being able to look like the pluralities we live in. (Think of it as compatibility, that's a good thing.)

> [0] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Diversity_Adviser#Team_Members
> [1] https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-diversity/2016-05-10/diversity.2016-05-10-14.36.html
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