Hi everyone,

Diversity FAD proposal in Brno from Jan 26- Jan 30 2017 has been accepted and we have about two months to go! We will be working on Diversity Survey for Fedora community amongst other things and we have a few points to look into before the FAD. It was decided in one of the previous meetings, that we will look into two major points before FAD :

1. Talking to Fedora Infra team about getting the survey live on cloud for testing.
2. Trying out the survey by test participants for suggesting and improving it.

Here are a few things I think we should look into regarding the survey:

1. Right now we have questions related to capturing demographic information of Fedora community, diversity and inclusion related experiences and diversity and inclusion practices and how are they helping in Fedora. Any other suggestions for topics we should questions on ?

2. The questions need to be directed and focused to elicit responses from the community. A general question like 'Do you feel Fedora is committed to supporting diversity and inclusion?' needs understanding of terms 'diversity' and 'inclusion' from survey participant. Instead, we can ask questions like 'Do you feel included in Fedora community?' and 'Have you seen any instances of discrimination against minorities in Fedora community?'. I feel such questions are more likely to get experiences and memories as responses and do not require prior information about what diversity and inclusion means. 

3. I feel if we could collaborate together on these survey questions it would be of great help as what maybe obvious to me, may not be obvious to someone else and we are more likely to learn pitfalls this way. It will help reduce the vagueness and improve the way we can frame questions to get better responses. Maybe we could have a session where we question every question we are trying to propose in the diversity survey ? However, it should be done before Fedora Infra puts up the live testing instance for survey.

4. Many contributors are not aware of existence of an active Fedora Diversity Team. I was thinking before we conduct the survey, we write an introductory blog post about Fedora diversity team on Community Blog so people become familiar with terms like diversity and inclusion, what they mean in Fedora community, the team and what we are trying to do.

5. Can we also ask for suggestions about areas where should Fedora Diversity Team look into in near future from survey participants ?

6. I understand that every question in the survey should be optional for people to have a choice whether they want to share that information with Fedora or not. However, instead of making all questions optional, maybe we can instead add another option like 'I prefer not to disclose' for some selective choice-based questions. This is better from a statistical point of view. For example, for question regarding gender of a participant - maybe along with other options 'Male', 'Female' , 'Trans', 'Other' etc we also have another option 'I don't want to say'.

7. Can we also have other 'selected' participants (not limited to those involved in Fedora Diversity team) to test and give feedback using live version of survey before FAD ? I feel this would help bring to forefront other problems which were really obvious to team members.

Looking to hear your thoughts on this and more on this later,