Thanks a lot for the survey and compiling these results, Nikhil. Since, we have percentages here, I think it's important to know the sample size. Can you please let us know how many people filled the response form?


On Mon, May 20, 2019 at 1:50 PM Nikhil Kathole <> wrote:
Hello Team,

Thank you so much for the feedback you provided for Fedora Women's Day 2018. We sincerely appreciate your insight because it helps us to make improvements.

Here are the results:

Please rate overall satisfaction with FWD 2018 event.
  • Very Satisfied - 42.9 %
  • Satisfied - 28.6 %
  • Neutral - 28.6%
  • Dissatisfied - 0 %
What did you like the least about event?
  • Our event was a lot of talk and less interactivity. I wish we had planned more interactive parts to engage our attendees and get them involved with the event. A list of ideas for hands-on activities would be helpful.
  • Our event in particular was very long.
  • Was very difficult to me looking for a good speaker.
  • Hard to gather participants if u r not involved in a related club.
What did you like the most about event?
  • We had active Fedora contributors local to our city and participate in the event. The guest speakers were a great addition and added a dynamic of how FOSS / Fedora can go outside of the academic / student world.
  • Having an event to try to get more diversity in open source and reaching out to minorities.
  • Generate an space to talk about technology and the same time generate an small community of girls looking work together.
  • Attendees interested in the free software world.
  • Helpful fedora D&I team.
  • It helps raise awareness and it is the way to express thanks for the women contributors across the Fedora Project.
  • The events celebrates the presence of Women in Fedora and also it helps in increasing Women contributor.
How do you think the event could have been improved?
  • More Interactivity.
  • More breaks in our scheduling and more direction on topics from Fedora would be nice.
  • More local and global Marketing.
  • Greater publicity for the events of Fedora.
  • More follow-up with participants after the event, hackathon with participants to get them started.
  • We should involve some activities and also follow-up sessions.
  • Event can be improved by settings some measurable goals.
Are there any other comments or suggestions you'd like to make?
  • Advance planning is required. It takes about ~60 days of advance planning prior to event to get reservations, invite guest speakers, and coordinate outreach.
  • Many thanks to the D&I team for this initiative.
  • Hold a virtual event.
  • An early planning helps make an event better.
Would you like to organize FWD this year(2019) as well?
  • Yes - 71.4%
  • No - 28.6%

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